You're Better Than Gold Baby

Well, Chris is 32. Which happens to mark 10 years since the first birthday of his we celebrated! That’s right, we go back a ways. You see, when I first met my own (mostly) polished nugget of gold, he was still sleeping on plastic sheets, smoking a shit ton of Camels, and living in squalor, basically, although it was early adulthood kind of squalor.

The first birthday present I ever bought him was a Hank III tshirt, two packs of cigarettes, and a vinyl record for his 22nd birthday. HE STILL HAS THAT HANK III SHIRT. Ten years later and I still fold it and put it in his drawers.

After that birthday we went separate ways in life until right around his 25th birthday when we reconnected. By his 26th birthday, we were married and had JUST had our little baby Ana. Flash forward, and here we are! This birthday we got him an AMAZING waxed canvas vest from Mercy Supply, who I’ve bought multiple gifts for him from. Wallets, gloves, we even have his pants mended there. We love them.

Any ways, since I’m super awful at keeping gifts a surprise, he opened it early. Then my sister texted him a nicer birthday text message than I’ve ever gotten, my parent’s got him a card that almost made him cry, and Ana and I made him an epic cake. Here’s the recipe for the cake, here’s the recipe for the frosting, and we put a full 32 candles (+ a sparkler) on there with gold glitter sprinkles.

So, Happy Birthday to my number one. There will never be another soul like you and we’re so happy you’re here. Thanks for continuously blessing my life, I love you!

And what better way to immortalize it than a home video? Seriously. There’s just something about home videos that are to die for.