The Tiger's Egg: A Children's Book Review

Some of you may know that I worked as a Youth Services Librarian for a little under a year before we moved back to Grand Rapids at the PBTDL. I got to put together a weekly story time as part of the job and it was one of the highlights to my week. I LOVED going through stacks of children's books to find one that fit the season/holiday/current interests and putting an activity to go with it. I had always, always wanted to work in a library and nothing could compare to working there. It was the best job I've ever had.

During my time there, I signed up for NetGalley to be a book reviewer for a different blog and have had the pleasure of reading so many great ARC copies of books and reviewing them, that I think I'll continue that passion on over here. Sooooo, without further fuss...

The Tiger's Egg by Nele Brönner

I was initially drawn to this book because of the cover illustration. It's bold and bright and I immediately loved it. I downloaded it to my Kindle, but had a feeling I wasn't doing the book justice, so I downloaded the PDF and WHOA. The inside illustrations are mind blowingly gorgeous. They're so bold and the style is so unique. This is one of those books you but on one of those ledge shelves because it's a work of art.

This book would land best with an older child audience. Ana (age 5) would be able to grasp the concepts in the book and enjoy the subtleties that make it a good read. At 31 total pages, it reads smoothly with a great flow. It never felt choppy. The imagery in the text and word choices weren't forced and the personalities of Herman the Tiger and the little bird were well rounded and complete. 

The one and only complaint I would have with this book that keeps it from being a 5-star-er for me is it felt too short! I know children's authors are advised to stay under a certain number of pages, but this one could have used a few more to completely tie up the book. I fully expected a different ending and was disappointed with the current one being so abrupt. I was HOPING to see... 






the little bird find it's bird parents again, but leave with imparting wisdom from Herman the Tiger, who gave off the strict, almost hovering type, wisdom imparting grandfather. 

Overall, this book has a phenomenal concept and is unique. I know I'll be ordering a copy, fixed ending or not, come September 4th. Preorder your copy HERE!