family trip

Mothers Day: Tulip Time Festival

When I was younger, my friends and siblings and I would all go to the county fair we had in our hometown and it was like the epitome of childhood summer. Getting dusty, covered in sticky sugar from all the fair food, and riding rides until we couldn't do anything except sprawl out on a bench. 

Luckily, Mothers Day fell on the last day of the Tulip Festival in Holland, MI so my special day request was to go there. It was Ana's first fair/carnival and it was awesome. To be able to relive one of my favorite things from childhood with my two favorite people was amazing. Chris and Ana had the most fun slamming into people on the bumper cars (surprise, surprise) and of course I got my elephant ear and lemonade. 

We all rode the ferris wheel which used to be one of my favorites, but it's been so long since I've been up that high that I almost immediately regretted it. 

Ana and I found her carnival costume at a thrift store two days before and we altered it to it her just for these photos. I've been trying to do more photo projects with her and this one was a blast. We can't wait to use this costume in more photos.

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