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New Member Coming Soon!

Baby Number Two

We Facebook & Instagram announced last week to our friends and family, so now no one should be crushed and say "You're very, very small amount of blog followers knew before we did!" (hi Mom!) if we announce to the rest of you that we're adding one more to our crew. We're super excited, super nervous, and torn on gender prediction. Ana and Chris say team XX, but I'm standing pretty proudly in camp XY. Either way, we won't be disappointed one bit. We have names, now we just have a couple weeks to find out! Realizing I'm going to have to do baby stuff all over again though really made me consider how we did pregnancy and the infant years with Ana though. So here's the stuff we're doing different:

Doing It Different List (Unsolicited Advice for First Timers)

  • I'm buying maternity clothes damn it. I spent a ton of time in maxi dresses with Ana. It worked, it was the hottest summer ever, and I didn't have another kid to chase. This time around though, it's cold out, I'm getting bigger faster, and a maxi dress is not ideal for chasing down a 5 year old. I bought the jeans on Ebay, splurged on nursing bras from Motherhood, and hit the H&M Mama sales for other stuff.
  • I'm scheduling diaper service with Amazon. YEAH! YOU CAN DO THAT. That means fewer last minute "Oh shit! (literally)" trips to the store. I wish I would have done this with Ana. She never slept, I was always exhausted, Chris was always exhausted from working so much, and the last thing we ever wanted to do was trek out late at night for something. 
  • I bought a badass swing. The 4moms momaRoo to be exact. Ana spent so much time in a swing, I wasn't skimping this time around. I know the price tag is high new, but you CAN find them used (ours was a find on Letgo) and they don't take those enormous batteries a lot of other swings do. The only other piece of baby gear we used more was a Boppy pillow
  • I'm getting an electric double breast pump and taking it serious this time. With Ana, she was almost exclusively breastfed not by choice, but because I couldn't get the hang of pumping. I tried hand pumps that failed miserably, I tried an electric with the wrong size guards, etc. I also never took the time to sit and relax and pump. It was always this big pressure and struggle to pump. This time around, I'm getting the good pump and I'm asking loads of advice.
  • I'm doing freezer meals beforehand. I do NOT like eating out a lot. The grease from things gets to me easily and I just cant. I've started a Pinterest board for freezer meals and I'm figuring out a way to make our favorites fit in the freezer too. I bought a larger slow cooker and I'm going to use the hell out of it. Cooking with a newborn strapped to you is hot, stressful, and not fun.

Funny Story

We told our immediate family on Christmas that we were pregnant by giving them Christmas Baby Slippers. 

When we gave them to my parents, my brother, the DC living one, really thought they were for dogs. So when my parents and sister started crying, he has legit confused and said "If I knew how much dog slippers meant to you, I would have gotten some." 

When we told Chris' parents, his very much older Papu (Greek for Grandpa) with hearing difficulty was there. When Chris' mom told him that we were having a baby, he thought she had said she was having a baby. Her face was a mix of "OH GOD NO," and trying not to laugh. I so wish I had photographed it.

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 1.03.33 PM.png

SO! Make your sex predictions now!

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